Raising funds for charity through dad's art


In 2018, Wildlife in watercolour raised £250 for Cancer Research UK from the sale of our first illustrated 2018 Calendar. A cause very close to our hearts, we chose this charity because almost 163,000 people - like Leslie - die in the UK from cancer every year. Dad was initially diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), which later transformed to Chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia (CMML). 

Kettering General Hospital (KGH) fundraising appeal

Please help us buy an ice machine for Barnwell C ward - so it may bring comfort and refreshment to future patients for years to come. With hot weather on the horizon, it is needed now more than ever.

As well as four years of treatment and support, including regular blood and platelet transfusions, Leslie spent seven weeks in KGH before he died. He was admitted at the end of February with an infection in both knees which, despite two emergency operations, developed into sepsis, a life-threatening condition in which the body attacks its own tissues and organs. All of the staff were amazing - from the consultants and nurses, to the catering and cleaning crews. They fought so hard to save him and always put a smile on his face.

For all loved ones, seeing your relative or friend suffer is heart breaking - especially so for us because there was little we could do to ease dad's pain and discomfort. 

The condition of dad's blood had deteriorated and the sepsis caused his throat to become very sore and dry, so he was hardly eating or drinking anything. One of his few pleasures was sipping ice cold water, which soothed his throat and kept his mouth moist. Unfortunately, we were not always able to fetch a jug of iced water because his ward - Barnwell C - did not have its own ice machine. The busy nurses tried their best to accommodate dad and the other patients, but did not always have the time to venture to neighbouring wards in search of ice. Without it, in the hot, stuffy bays and side rooms, tap water soon becomes luke warm and unappealing. 

Built to a high specification and requiring specialist maintenance because of the risk of infection, these machines are expensive to buy (£3K). Understandably, they are not the highest priority for the NHS.

For us, however, it would mean a great deal to be able to help ensure other patients are able to get the same relief and refreshment from iced water that dad enjoyed so much. It's also our way of saving 'thank you' to all the staff who were there for us during the saddest of times.

We hope to raise £3,500 to buy an ice machine and pay for one year's maintenance. You can donate using the button below - your money goes directly to  the hospital via Virgin Money Giving. Or why not take a look at our charity cards?

Please remember to Gift Aid your donation if eligible.